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I just enrolled my three-book series–Her Unforgettable Laugh, Laughter Through Trials, and The Laughter of Love in Kindle Unlimited.  For those of you that subscribe to the service rather than purchase books, I hope you will give them a try!

Here is a brief description:  Darcy and Elizabeth meet briefly five years before their encounter at the Meryton assembly.  Both Darcy and Elizabeth have a brief recollection of the other and have often thought of one another during the intervening years.   As a result, their first meeting in Meryton is very different from canon.  Their love story begins then and follows our dear couple through courtship, marriage and the birth of their first child.  The usual villains appear, and there is a cast of new characters as well.

Please share the news with your friends that are participants in the Kindle Unlimited program.

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Thursday's Thoughts

Well it is already February and my month has been so hectic that I was unable to share my fun little thoughts on love all month.  As a consequence I am doubling up on them today.You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.

I believe that the song I am adding to this message (one of my favorites by the way) is how Darcy would have expressed himself if he had chosen to do so with music.

I found a version of one of the most romantic love songs of all time sung by four very handsome and talented gentleman.  There are few women who would not enjoy hearing such words from any one of them.



I am about to update my Reading page on my website.  I would like to perhaps add a comment or two from a fan to precede the posting.  If you are willing to comment on the story, attach your name to it, and have both appear on my website, I look forward to hearing from you.

I will select a comment or two at random for use and appreciate your kindness and support.  You can expect to see the comments and update to the webpage before the end of next week.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the support you have given me and my books over the past two plus years.

I look forward to hearing from you!



What would you think about a Pride and Prejudice variation that had Charles Bingley as one of the bad/evil characters.

I really want to hear your opinion about this without giving away any of the story idea.


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I have finished my first book in over a year.  It is currently with the professional editor and should be available for sale by the end of June.  The story has been posting on  I thought I would reveal the cover today!  Stay tuned next week when I will reveal the blurb for the book.

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I am still stressing over the need to make the dialect of servants and foreign characters different from that of the rest of my novel.  I think that I have finally decided how I feel about this issue, but want to get your opinion.

In this instance, the character is a french woman who is the most popular modiste in London.  Which of the following examples would you prefer to read:


“I have heard of Monsieur Gardiner, but have not had the pleasure of meeting him.  Perhaps, Madame Gardiner, you might arrange for an introduction.  If he can obtain such beautiful fabrics, I must have access to him.”  To her listeners, Madame LaRue’s accented-English flowed as smooth as fingers gliding across the silks on her shelf.


“I ‘ave ‘eard of Monsieur Gardiner, but ‘ave not ‘ad the pleasure of meeting ‘im. Perhaps, Madame Gardiner, you might arrange for ze introduction. If ‘e can obtain such beautiful fabricz, I must ‘ave accezz to ‘im.”

I look forward to your responses!

Happy Reading!