Hello world! There is a soon-to-be new author on the scene!

This is an exciting day for me, for this is my very first post on my first ever blog.  I have loved reading for most of my life!  As a teen my favorite books were Gone With the Wind and anything by Jane Austen, though Pride and Prejudice is my favorite of her works.  Then one day, several years ago, I stumbled upon Jane Austen fan fiction (JAFF) and I was immediately enthralled.  I bought just about every JAFF book I discovered and was forever searching Amazon for more and more books in this genre.  One day after having read all the JAFF stories I could find, a story idea began to germinate in my mind.  I tried to ignore the story outline which seemed to be growing daily, but the idea had taken root and just as a flower pushes up through the hard ground when spring arrives, this story began to push its way to the forefront of my mind and refused to let go.

Finally, I decided if I wrote it down it would leave me alone.  The first day I sat down to write was a revelation.  When I stopped, I had written over 9,700 words!  Everyday for quite some time, I couldn’t wait to get to my computer to write more.  I put an outline of the thoughts in my head on paper and yet was often surprised at the turns the story would take.  I felt as though I was just a means of getting the words on the page, not always sure where the story was coming from.  I only knew I was compelled to write them.

Along the way, I met some established JAFF authors who offered both encouragement and support.  What started out as a story just for me, will soon become my first book–books actually.  The story kept growing as more ideas flooded my mind.  When I stopped writing, I had written over 750 pages and I knew there would need to be a second book as there was still more of the story to tell.

I have decided to break the story up into smaller sections for publication.  The editors are hard at work in helping me to prepare the first two volumes for publication.  There is no date yet, but I will be sure to post updates on my blog, so stay tuned for more.

This story had a mind of its own, but writing it down for other JAFF fans to read has been a labor of love for me.  I hope when it is published you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.




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