Do you have friends that love to read?  Books make a great gift.  Might I suggest you introduce your friends to some books that you have hopefully enjoyed.  Why not give the book lovers in your life one of these romantic books for Christmas?


Her Unforgettable Laugh — A chance encounter in Hyde Park gives Darcy a glimpse of a beautiful young lady with an unforgettable laugh.  Five years later he meets Miss Elizabeth Bennet again and love blooms.


Laughter Through Trials — In this continuing saga, Darcy and Elizabeth are courting, and Elizabeth is to join him in town to meet the Fitzwilliam family and be introduced to the elite of London society.  Will their love survive or will jealousy and old foes destroy their young love?

book cover 2

The Companion’s Secret — After the tragic death of her family, Elizabeth Bennet learns she will inherit a fortune.  She also learns that there are those who would do anything to gain control of it.  A chance encounter with the Darcys of Pemberley provides her with a opportunity to safely hide until she gains control of her fortune and can find a way to protect her future.

These books will provide many hours of reading pleasure in the new year. Maybe there is someone in your life with whom you would like to share them.

Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “GREAT GIFT IDEAS!

  1. When is the 3rd installment to “Laughter” the end of Laughter thru Trials…the few sentences that followed indicated that we would learn more in the next ….did I misunderstand? Please reply as I would like to know how things end…..Thanks Linda


    1. I hope to have it out at the end of January. However, as this was my first year writing, I am not sure about the availability of my betas will be to edit the work. I am hard at work on the book and will publish as soon as possible!


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