I have a backyard filled with tall oaks.  In the spring, it is encouraging to see the buds burst forth, and the world turn green.  In the summer, they provide welcome shade from the hot Texas days.  However, I love the autumn best.

For the last few days while sitting at the breakfast table looking out over my yard, I watched it snowing leaves.  In spite of our unseasonably warm temperatures, it is a joy to watch the beautiful colors of the fall leaves as they gently float to the ground.  One of the mornings, we enjoyed a stiff breeze, and they would swirl into little whirlwinds and take twisting paths before landing softly.

I know that spring is the season people associate with new beginnings, but I feel autumn is an even more uplifting time of year.  It is the time of year for fresh apples, pumpkin everything, and the comforting smell of cinnamon and baking filling our homes.  The cool, crisp air is a blessing after the summer heat.

The falling leaves are a forerunner to my favorite holidays–Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is a reminder to look back over the year.  I am filled with gratitude for the many blessings I have received throughout the months and reminded of the gifts given me by those that have gone before.  Those gifts are magnified by the coming celebration of the Savior’s birth.

I hope that the falling leaves will soon lead to falling snow, to coat the world in the glorious beauty of their pristine purity.  There are few things I enjoy more that sitting at the window, a cup of cocoa in hand, watching snowflakes gently wafting the way to the earth. Then when I wake the next morning to a snow covered world aglow in the sparkle of the sun, it seems that the world is filled with endless possibilities.

My wish for all of you would be that your hearts, too, are filled with the blessings the year has brought to you and that the joy of the season will lift and lighten your hearts.  May your home be filled with the love of friends and family, the peace of the season, and the hope for a bright new year.

Happy reading and happy holidays,



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