Last year when it came time to decide on what resolutions to make for the new year, I made an unusual decision.  I did not set any resolutions;  instead, I decided to try to make a long-time dream come true.

I have loved writing my whole life.  In fact, I started my first novel at the age of sixteen.  (I still have those first two novel attempts, a sequel to Gone With the Wind and a Regency story, tucked away in a drawer, somewhere.)  However, at the time I graduated from high school, more than 35 years ago, the publishing business was very different from what it is today.  As much as I enjoyed writing, I had no expectations of becoming the next great novelist.  So, in accordance with my extremely practical nature, I made a different career choice that was more realistic.

For almost twenty years, I worked as an Executive Secretary or Administrative Assistant for several major companies.  Eventually, I was blessed with children and was fortunate enough to stay home with them throughout their childhoods and school years.  When my oldest child began college in the fall of 2014, I felt the need to, again, contribute to the family income.  So, with the support of my husband and children, I decided to follow my earlier dream and try my hand at writing.

I published my first book in late April 2015 and was astonished by its success.  That book was followed by two more before the end of the year.  The efforts I have put into making my dream come true, have made me happier than I have been for a very long time.  A surprising side effect of that happiness is that I am more easily accomplishing many of the things that usually make it on my list of resolutions for each New Year.  Seeing this dream come true has brought a level of success and satisfaction, I could not have imagined.

So this year, instead of the usual resolutions, might I suggest you revisit the dreams of your youth. If there is one that is in any way achievable, make it your goal to see your dream come true in this new year. The positive results and happiness that come from achieving your dream will certainly outweigh all the unfulfilled resolutions you usually make.

Wishing all of you a bright and prosperous New Year, filled with the joy of dreams come true!

Happy reading!




    1. Rebecca, I am working on the final book in the series and had hoped to publish by the end of this month. It will be the next book I publish, but I do not think it will be out as soon as I had hoped. Thank you for supporting my work and I look forward to hearing how you like the final book when it is published.

      Happy reading!


  1. Thank you for your talented writing. I have enjoyed each of your books and look forward to many more. You have a great talent. Have a Good New Year and many successful endevours this year.


  2. Thank you, Sandra. I am please to know that you enjoy my books. For me that is the best compliment that you could pay me. I have long enjoyed the company of good books and to know that one I wrote brought pleasure to someone else is priceless.

    I am working to complete the Laughter series and have another story idea that I am working on as well. Best wishes for a happy new year.

    Happy reading!



    1. I had hoped it would be out by the end of this month, but I think it will be mid-April before it is finished. Don’t give up on me. I promise it is coming soon!. 🙂


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