I usually avoid yard sales; they are not something I typically enjoy.  However, late one morning I saw the sign for a yard sale in our neighborhood and felt prompted to stop.  It was the decision of a lifetime.  I had been looking for an antique secretary for my bedroom.  I wanted a special place to keep my JAFF book collection as well as somewhere to write notes.  The picture below shows my great find for the day.  It is solid mahogany with brass fittings, and the construction has dovetail joints.  I only paid $50 for it, and the appraiser said it is worth more than $1,000!  I get a thrill every time I look at it.   The downside to my wonderful find is that my JAFF collection has already outgrown the cabinet!


The top left holds my autographed books, and I love that the top drawer folds down to hide a writing desk and cubbyholes for storing note paper and stationary. There is even a drawer for stamps, address labels, sealing wax, and a seal.

The three other drawers hold some special table linens. The bottom left door is also JAFF books, but the bottom right door contains a selection of other special books.

Sitting next to the cabinet is my mom’s rocking chair.  Many an evening when the rest of my family is involved in a movie that does not interest me, I can be found in this rocker with a book in my hands and the iHome playing classical music as an accompaniment.  I cannot think of a better way to pass the time.

As I said, I am tickled each time I see this wonderful antique and think about the treasures it holds.

Happy Reading!


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