Dear Followers,

I am attempting to update the Read page of my new website,  I had hoped to include some comments from readers about each of my books.  However, I have learned that authors should not use reviews from Amazon on a for-profit site.  Because there are links to purchase my books on the web page, it is considered for-profit.  As a result, I cannot use any of the kind words posted there to let new visitors to the site know what other readers think of my books.

Consequently, I am coming directly to you.  For any of you that have read and enjoyed my books, I would ask that you write a brief comment (two to three sentences) about something you enjoyed about the books.  I will be happy to give you credit for the review and a chance to win one of two free copies (one each, ebook and autographed paperback) of my upcoming book, A Matter of Timing (to hopefully be released by the end of December 2016).

Here is how it will work.  I will request comments on a different book each day for the next few days.  From all the received comments, I will select three for each book, and they will be posted on the “Read” page of my website.  You are welcome to comment on all of the books, but I hope to receive enough comments to offer a wide variety of readers’ opinions, s0 will select only one of your comments for use on the website.  However, your name will be entered once for each book you comment on in the drawing for the free books.  Please be sure to state whether you would prefer to receive the ebook or paperback.

Today, send me your thoughts on my first book, Her Unforgettable Laugh.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and appreciate your support!

Good luck and happy “writing”!


8 thoughts on “YOUR THOUGHTS WANTED!

  1. One of my favorite stories was your series of Unforgettable Laughter. It was a pure joy to read the progression of Lizzy and Darcy meeting earlier in the relationship and how it progressed. I find after reading the original story and then the variations that the characters are more interesting when they develop through different senarios. please keep the stories coming.


  2. I think it is my favorite of all of your books. That joy is what he remembers of her is a ‘put my hand over my heart and sigh’ reaction. I love that book and read it often.


  3. Thank you, Lenora, I appreciate your support. However, at present, I am looking for comments on my most recent book, A Matter of Timing. I do hope you had the opportunity to read and enjoy it.


  4. A Matter Of Timing has an original spin on the original P&P. It was believable and at times seemed as if this is what Jane Austen should have written. Loved It.


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