Your Thoughts Wanted

So far, I have only received a couple of comments about my first book, Her Unforgettable Laugh, and I could use a few more.  Thanks go to Kathy and Sandra for taking the time to respond.

Your comments regarding Book 2, Laughter Through Trials, would also be appreciated.

Remember, if you submit a comment, please indicate to which book it applies.  Also, if you submit a comment about each of my books then you will have up to four chances to win either the ebook or autographed paperback of my next book.

Thank you for your support.


8 thoughts on “WHAT DID YOU THINK?

  1. i am enraptured by all your books. I am very impatient waiting while the subsequent volume is released after reading the first of one of your series. i follow all the best authors and i certainly consider you one. I follow your site to be sure to purchase any new novels that you release. I would love to read a variation on the secondary characters if you would decide to write of them. When I started the ‘Laughter’ series, I was in agony until the next came out. I never become tired of rereading the books. Please continue your gift of story telling. I have been a fan since the first book that I read. Thank you for your gift.


  2. An Unforgettable Laugh- I loved this new twist on the classic Pride and Prejudice characters Elizabeth and Darcy! Linda your work is so detailed, I can almost imagine myself in the scene as the story progresses. When the book ended I was sad to see it end but couldn’t wait see what happened next in Laughter Through Trials!


    1. Thank you, Rebecca. It is a joy to know that I was successful, I love a book that makes me feel as if I am right there. Knowing you felt that from my book, brings me great pleasure!


  3. I enjoyed reading the Her Unforgettable Laugh (only one so far) – thankfully Darcy has a good memory remembering Lizzy’s curls and laugh especially in such a circumstance.


  4. You’re one of my favorite authors, now that I’ve found you. P&P is my favorite and I read many (some may say too many) “what-ifs.” One of the reasons this series is so good is that you did not rehash canon. The story was fresh, imaginative, unpredictable, and had a semblance of “reality.” The dialogue was not strained or convoluted, but believable; the situations touched on were uplifting and pleasing, as well as touching on serious issues of jealousy (Wickham), spousal abuse (Lady Alameda), and true family situations. There was no sappy ending, but the ending was nevertheless happy. Brava!

    I’ve read all three books, as well as The Companion’s Secret (again, touching on social issues and the lack of power of a woman in that time period) and will continue to follow you in the future.

    Please keep writing!


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