I have been trying to learn more about marketing my books.  As a result, I need your opinions about some of the things I have been learning.  I would very much appreciate your replies to the following questions as it will help me make my books more attractive and easier for you to find.

  1.  What do you find more appealing on a cover people or a scene from the book?  If people are used, does it bother you if they do not match your visions of Darcy or Elizabeth, etc.?
  2. Does having the names of Darcy and/or Elizabeth in the title make it more interesting to you?
  3. Do you prefer similarity in the covers of a favorite author to help you recognize a new work?
  4. What categories do you search when looking for your Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF) titles?
  5. What key words do you most often search when looking for JAFF?
  6. Does the length of a book matter?  If so, do you prefer longer or shorter reads?
  7. What information do you want included in the book description?
  8. What are your biggest pet peeves about a book you have purchased; i.e. misleading description, editing, no notification of explicit scenes, etc.?
  9. What is your preferred format:  ebook, paperback, audiobook?

I truly do value your opinions and your support of my books.  I look forward to reading your replies.


Linda Thompson




  1. I prefer Darcy and Elizabeth books written in regency time and never buy modern adaptions. I could care less about the cover. I read all books with a Kindle.


  2. Thank you for your survey. I have loved your books and answered the survey below beside each question. Best of luck with your books.

    My best, Donna

    Donna D. Krug,, or Donna’s Korner Kollectibles 2689 N. Galley St. Orange, CA 92865 714-974-3779


    1. Donna,

      I appreciate your taking the time to respond to the survey, but unfortunately, your answers did not come through with your reply.

      If you could copy them into another response and resend, I would greatly appreciate it.




  3. Linda,

    My preferred format is an ebook.

    I loved your Laughter Series because of the similar design. Even your book, The Companion’s Secret had a design similar to the Laughter Series.

    I do not care if there are people on the cover with a background scene related to the book, but would like them to at least look like they could be Darcy and Elizabeth (showing an Elizabeth with light hair just doesn’t cut it).

    I do not care about Darcy and/or Elizabeth’s name being in the title as long as the books description indicates that the story is definitely about them. I prefer a book tease that gives an general overview of the story.

    My biggest pet peeve is when the author uses homonyms incorrectly which never seem to be caught by editing before publishing. Then and than used incorrectly boggles my mind, too.

    I prefer a longer story in most cases, but novellas are okay if they’re a reasonably priced versus length. Some stories are the length of an essay 6 – 14 pages and cost is nearly the same as a full length novel.

    I do not mind having angst, but would like to have a HEA ending or I’ll need to buy stock in the Kleenex tissue industry.

    I hope this gives you ideas and that you get many responses.

    Thank you your great stories. Carol


  4. I prefer Regency, novella or book length, no Darcy and Elizabeth (read too many and want a rest from them). Because of lack of space I usually buy kindles now so the cover is of no importance but the price is, especially as I read other genres as well.
    The main thing I am interested in is who are the main characters, and if it is a P&P variation and if Mary is married off to canon Collins I have stopped reading thoses. I subscribe to quite a few newsletters and amazon author sites to find information on new releases.


  5. Linda,
    1. I suppose I prefer people and I don’t care if they look like my version of the character. After all, I haven’t read about the characters in that particular book yet.
    2. Darcy & Elizabeth in the title is not more interesting to me but when I look at it, I definitely know what I’m getting lol
    3. Similar covers from an author are not at all important to me
    4. I never search for books as I find so many I want to read without doing that
    5. Again, I don’t search for books lol
    6. I will not purchase really short books anymore unless the price is very low. I just don’t find them satisfying. I like my characters well developed so generally prefer a longer book.
    7. I like a summary of the plot for a book descriptions. I read several books a week generally and want an overview so I know if it will fit into my current mood. I don’t require a lot of information, just the basics.
    8. My pet peeve is continuity errors. I can get past some minor grammatical errors but using the wrong name or not remembering who’s in the scene can make me crazy!
    9. I am currently reading more kindle books as I’m frequently on the move and it’s so easy to finish one and move directly into the next. I am rather a voracious reader


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