What would you think about a Pride and Prejudice variation that had Charles Bingley as one of the bad/evil characters.

I really want to hear your opinion about this without giving away any of the story idea.


11 thoughts on “WHAT WOULD YOU THINK IF . . .

  1. While Jane is a character I rather prefer to ignore in most of the stories, I have found that when she is mean-spirited in a variation, it is too far from can for my personal enjoyment. I suspect milk-toast Charles would elicit a similar action from me. On the other had, I delighted in the story with Mr. Collins acting in a canon manner until he had secured tenure in his position with Lady Catherine, after which his true, highly desirable qualities emerged. 


  2. Bingley is a wishy washy character to begin with. As long as his sister Caroline goes up in flames with him during his descent into infamy. I also hope that Elizabeth is able the sketch his character quickly enough to prevent Jane from falling for his sweet charm so that she’s not blindsided when his real character is revealed. Of course, Elizabeth missed picking up on wicked Wickham’s perfidy so maybe not. There have been other stories where Bingley is not a nice guy and I enjoyed those stories so another would not bother me. Maybe Darcy can expose Bingley and Wickham together – twin deceivers! As long as Darcy is not drawn into Bingley’s fall.

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  3. That would be a book I could not believe or would read. Sorry. But, if Charles Bingley was to be a a total badass good guy like the Colonel then that would be something.


  4. I would love it. Bingley is such a spineless wonder as it is. Having him turn rogue in addition to being spineless would be a treat. He and his sister could go up in flames together. Great idea. I’ve read a few where he is despicable, and the overall story is fun to behold. Too many authors seem to only massage canon. Original stories with the same characters acting differently is treat. I especially like stories where Lizzy and sometimes Jane are not truly Bennets, but have some higher connections.

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  5. I think it would be a welcomed changed from him always letting others make decisions for him. Perhaps his evil sister could also have a character adjustment.


  6. Yes! He is always protrayed as a goody two shoes. Put Colonel Fitzwilliam as the hero to come to the rescue of Jane and D&E. More exciting. PLEASE>


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